yourchance is a generally beneficial company founded in 2010 by Jana Merunková and Ing. Gabriel Křivánková as a company that implements 3 projects of national scope:

  1. Start correctly!
  2. Financial literacy into the schools

The purpose of yourchance activities is to promote the necessary changes in the field of financial literacy education, business and development principles by pupils and students of primary and secondary schools and required activities in the field of integration of young adults leaving institutions of alternative family education.

Our goal is through our projects and activities:

  • to promote the necessary changes in the Czech educational system
  • to develop teachers' financial literacy so that a young generation that has firmly anchored the principles of sound financial decision-making leaves the schools
  • to develop methodological support for the application of interactive teaching methods and the development of entrepreneurship of pupils at all levels of schools
  • to impose the compulsory education of the business base in secondary schools
  • to undertake the necessary changes in the area of ​​integrity of young adults leaving institutions of intimate family education
  • to implement programs of direct help for young people leaving children's homes and foster care

Jana Merunková and Gabriela Křivánková, co-founders of yourchance

Jana Merunková

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+420 602 549 310

Ing. Gabriela Křivánková

spoluzakladatelka a předsedkyně správní rady

+420 777 975 337

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