Our project values

  • ​​Independence - we do not promote any specific products of financial institutions, we operate secondary commercial activities, that allow us to partially self-finance the project
  • Openness - we are open to different directions of understanding financial education and we refer to other sources
  • Expertise - part of the project team are high-quality experts in education and system changes in the field of financial literacy
  • Innovation - we use modern technologies for management and content part of the project, we support interactive forms of teaching

Project mission

We work with key target groups, which are:

  • Schools and Teachers: We are helping to create financially literate schools on a systemic and individual level by developing teachers and methodical help in introducing financial literacy into the school.
  • Pupils: We teach the principles of healthy financial habits to children of all ages and young adults.
  • Parents: Helping parents to develop financial literacy of their children.
  • Relevant state institutions: We influence the financial education system (not only) in Czech schools.