After the methodology is elaborated, the school receives a certificate of a financially literate school. In addition to the paper, it will also receive an electronic mark that can be placed on its website, etc. The certificate has 3 levels - bronze, silver and gold. Each level has certain criteria that the school has to meet to obtain the certificate. For schools that will become leaders in the field of financial literacy development, the Diamond Level Certificate will be ready in the future.

Bronze Certificate

If the school passes through the above process, which completes the methodology, it will obtain a Bronze-level certificate level. Therefore, the Bronze Certificate is sufficient to meet two basic criteria:

  • teachers attend one of the workshops Financially literate school
  • the school is working on its methodology "How do we develop financial literacy at our school?" which is subsequently approved by a professional expert
  • professional expert also evaluates the internal school education program issue and will make any recommendations for changes and guarantors of the project.

Silver Certificate

To obtain a Silver Certificate, the school must add to its educational activities additional activities with pupils and also to initiate this topic to communicate with your surroundings. Overall, the school must meet the following criteria:

1 at school level

▲ Supervisor at the lecture hours will come and see in a few hours of teaching and confirm that in practice, the school proceeds according to the methodology it has created

▲ Video-reportage or Example of good practice:

  • Video-reportage „How do we develop FG at our school?“ – the school can then communicate an example of good practice or activity with pupils (project day, workshop, presentation for younger classmates), and can also be filmed by the pupils themselves as a bonus task in frame of competion the Budget!
  • Example of good practice - the school will describe in detail its example of good practice and will consent to its dissemination to other schools - an example can be written verbally or by filming audio-visual material - pupils can participate in this activity

2 at teachers level

▲ Further educational courses for pedagogical staff - the school is interested to further develop the Financial Literacy teachers and send at least 1 teacher per 200 pupils to an accredited course within the Further educational courses of at least 8 hours.

3 at pupils level

▲ Project Day or Activity with Pupils with the Involvement of Practitioners

  • Project Day on Financial Literacy topic for pupils - thanks to this activity, the topic will come from teachers and pupils and their parents. The school can do it alone or hire an outside partner from practice. To obtain the next level of certificate, it only passes outputs (ideally audio-visual). The school will meet this point automatically when implementing the Budget it! project day. "
  • Activity with practitioners - pupils should have the opportunity to meet with practitioners, either at school (lecture / workshop / forum ...) or with employers (excursions ...).

 Most of the school pupils have to go through such activities (at least 70%).

4 at school level

▲ the school communicates their activities to support Financial Literacy on the school website or other paths 


Gold certifikate

To get 3rd level the school must meet all the points of the previous levels and further develop them.Where it had the opportunity to perform only one of the two activities at the level of the school, it must fulfill both activities at the gold level and additionally it must add other activities at the level of pupils and their surroundings. Therefore, to realize the golden certificate:

1 at school level

► Creation of methodology (including ev. editing in school educational program) 

► Supervision in the school lessons

► Video-reportage

► Example of good practice

2 at teachers level

►Further educational courses for pedagogical staff - the school sent at least 2 teachers per 200 pupils per course within the further educational courses for pedagogical staff min. 8 hours

3 at pupils level

► Project day for pupils on the topic of Financial Literacy

► Activity with pupils with the involvement of practitioners - each pupil has the opportunity to attend a lecture with a practitioner or excursion at least once a year 

► Competition "Budget it!" - at least 1 school the team (in each category that belongs to the school) will participate in the competition. The competition is op directly focused on pupils, thus helping to communicate and further develop this topic at school

4 at the surroundings of the school level

► the school communicates its activities to support Financial Literacy in all possible ways

► the school realizes the idea how to participate in the development of Financial Literacy with parents

► school cooperates in the development of Financial Literacy with other schools